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So, before I get into this, I am going to be completely open and admit that yes, I am addicted to the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. I just started watching last year and understand it’s basically a piece of crap show with people getting hurt and embarrassing themselves on national TV, but yet I’m hooked. It’s probably because I do have a slightly obsessive interest in the way that people get together. And let’s be honest: it’s ridiculously entertaining.

I thought I’d do reviews on each season after they come out, complete with observations and lessons, if you will. Since my blog is based on love and the path to marriage, it’s certainly quite fitting! These particular posts will of course be silly in nature, but if you have watched the season, then you’ll probably understand. If not…well, you undoubtedly have more brain cells than me!

Observation #1: Don’t trust men who sell wine for a living.

Ben Flajnik, runner-up from Ashley Hebert’s season last year, is a winemaker from Sonoma, California who needs to wash his hair. He tends to cut women off when they’re trying to explain themselves and not listen to a thousand warning signs regarding one person. He often looks confused when he’s trying to be serious. Like so:

At the beginning of Ben’s season, I was genuinely excited to see what would happen on his season and who he would end up with. However, with each episode, I got more and more uninterested and was thoroughly disgusted at times with his behavior and attitude (but alas, I still watched). Obviously, I don’t know Ben in person and God still created and died for him, but I’m guessing that someone who spends probably 75% of the time inebriated on the job probably doesn’t have the best judgement – and let’s be honest, if I was a winemaker, you’d best believe I’d spend a few times a day “sampling the stock”. Love me some vino.

Observation #2: Pretty models always win.

Courtney Robertson, the model and “winner” of the season, was obviously the one “American loves to hate!” – Chris Harrison, Host of Da Bachela. She said all sorts of awkward things like “How’d that taste coming out of your mouth?” “I got the rooooose” and of course, “winning!”. Homegirl looks to Charlie Sheen for catchphrases. But needless to say, she of course captivates Ben first with her beauty (“Now THAT is a pretty girl”, he salivates as he first met her) and then with her weirdness. And at the end, despite the fact that she is used to getting her own way and of course knows how to play a part well, she gets the guy. Of course, both she and Ben do seem to have the best “connection” of all of the women there, so I actually do think it might last a long time. Maybe they’ll give Kim K a run for her money with a whopping 73 days.

Observation #3: Pretty models are insecure.

Poor thing. Seriously, insecurity is an issue with all of us, and I did feel for Courtney throughout the season when she expressed her feelings on camera. I can’t laugh at it though, because I struggle with it, and it’s always a good lesson to see the repercussions of trying to find your worth through anyone or thing besides Christ.

Observation #4: When a guy you’re interested in doesn’t like you, just make lots of friends instead.

It cracks me up that at The Women Tell All episode all of the girls started yelling at each other in their drunken state, and then days later on Twitter they’re all “Heeey girl! Love you!!”. I get it, it’s a high pressure situation, but these women were super catty and honestly give us all a bad rep. I went to a women’s college and honestly came across minimal cattiness while I was there, so it’s not all as it seems. (Then again, if you threw a dude into the mix, I’m sure it would come out). Still, all in all I’m glad that the girls did seem to get over their jealousy and insecurity and just learn to get along. In the wake of any heartache, female friends very much make it better. At least, if they’re good friends.

Observation #5: Standing up for Christ in a relationship will always be difficult if it’s one sided.

In particular, Kacie B’s experience on the show makes it clear just how difficult following Christ can be once our hormones and feelings are activated. It was quite obvious that Ben basically sent her home once he realized how biblically grounded her family is, specifically when it came to living together before marriage. Kacie is a believer, and it was actually refreshing to see her experience all types of emotions, including anger, and not just succumb to being the “good girl” (although she is overall perceived as that). However, since her departure from the show, Kacie has admitted that she really does want to be with someone who shares her faith and values, and that sometimes having feelings for someone who doesn’t can become messy quickly. I’m going to do a post soon on the issue of being unequally yoked soon, but for now, I think this is definitely a good lesson to learn.

So, that’s it folks. I’ll definitely do this for Emily’s season as well, which premieres on May 14th (not that I’m counting down, or anything). I’ll leave you this video as a farewell – as a warning, it does have censored nudity due to the skinny dipping fiasco, so just as an FYI.




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